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  • 1kg Aluminum laminated bag

WATER soluble dyestuff for anodized aluminum
TAC DYESTUFF SERIES are water soluble dyes to treat anodized aluminum and its alloys.
To meet the various demands toward dyed aluminum materials,excellent weather resistance and heat resistance becomes more and more necessary.
Also,high-speed,uniform dyeing ability,a long bath life are required toward dyes as important properties.
TAC DYESTUFF SERIES have been developed to meet these requirements by the metal finishing technology of Okuno ,and the dyeing technology of Hodogaya Chemical Co.,Ltd.


  1. Excellent weather resistance and heat resistance.
  2. Excellent dyeing ability.
  3. Long bath life,providing economical advantage.
  4. Wide working range.
  5. Excellent uniform dyeing ability.
  6. Applicable to various aluminum materials.
  7. Prevent the corrosion while dyeing steps that is caused by the use of titanium jigs.

Control Method
Analysis of control concentration
Analyze the dye concentration by spectrophotometry according to the following procedure.
Calculated concentration is not an absolute value because the value is the index for each user in order to maintain the concentration in production lines.
Wave length (λ), and the coefficient (T) for measuring concentration are shown in Table-1.
Operating Method

  1. Dilute a sample with de-ionized water at the ratio of 1:n.
    (Adjust wavelength in an appropriate measuring range)
  2. Measure the absorbance of the diluted sample (As) with a spectrophotometer.
    Use the wavelength of each dye according to Table-1 (λ nm).
    Next, measure the absorbance of the blank sample (from de-ionized water) with a spectrophotometer.
  3. Calculate the dye concentration of the sample solution under the following equation: TAC DYESTUFF concentration (g/L)= T×As×n,

T:Dye coefficient
As:Absorbance of diluted sample
n:Dilution ratio

Table-1 Measuring pH Value and Concentration

Name of TAC DYES Measuring pH Measuring Concentration
pH range (Bath pH) Wave length (λ nm) Coefficient (T)
TAC GREEN-SBM (2) 4.5 to 7.0 444 0.077



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